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Simple hacks to increase your conversions

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    Erin from CheckoutJoy

Let’s explore some simple strategies you can put on your website that will help boost your conversion rate and get those conversions streaming in.


A Google Consumer Survey conducted by Moz revealed that 67% of customers are influenced by online reviews. Testimonials establish credibility of your brand and product as well conveying enthusiasm and satisfaction with the purchase. It all comes down to social proof; a theory that people look to the choices of others to help them navigate uncertainty.

A salesperson isn’t going to tell you the negatives of a product but a fellow customer will and that’s why people read reviews and look at ratings before purchasing. By including testimonials on your website, you lean into social proof. Not only are you sharing the success stories of your product or services, but you are also guiding your customers to trust the evidence they are seeking to make that sale.

How’s your headline?

A great sales headline may be one of the most underrated tools in your sales arsenal. Just a few words can sway someone from simply browsing to spending time on your site. Most businesses may not realise the ROI they could yield with a well written sales headline and yet it is sometimes the first impression of the business online.

A great sales headline is simple and direct. State the important benefit of your product or service, announce your latest achievement, or ask a provocative question. You can also use a strong line from a testimonial or grab attention with a “How to” that focuses on the want or need of your target audience. A great foundation for your sales headline is to think about what you’d say to a potential customer if you had to grab their attention in person. If writing is not your strong suit, reach out to a great copywriter and have a few sales headline options expertly crafted to make the most of your ads and SEO to increase sales.

Uncomplicated pricing

When pricing is unclear in online purchases, it can lead to your customer feeling frustrated and not trusting your business. Make sure your prices are clear and match the product descriptions. In the case of memberships, list the pricing structures in an easy to understand manner and don’t surprise the customer with hidden costs.

If there are shipping costs or other costs related to returns or exchanges, make sure these are clearly indicated on both your shipping information page as well as your checkout page. It’s also very important to have your website show the price in the local currency of your customer. Ain’t nobody got time to calculate exchange rate conversions when they’re shopping online to save time. Again, also list the shipping costs in international currencies where applicable.

Cut the discount codes

Yes, we said it; limit those discount codes and coupons. Offering discounts is a common tactic for boosting ecommerce sales but it’s not a sustainable strategy. They really are a short-term solution and eat into your profits. Remember, you want to be viewed as a good quality, credible business within your sector. Slashing prices constantly makes potential customers question the validity of what you're offering or you’re moving your outstanding products and services below their market value.

What you don’t want is to be thought of as a discount brand or business. Once your customers enjoy regular discounts, they’re going to expect it with their future purchases. But, there are alternatives to discounts such as free shipping, free returns or “buy one, get one free” promotions. You could also show sold out items or offer a loyalty program to build on the mentality of exclusivity and scarcity among your target market.

Be social media savvy

According to Hootsuite, 52% of online brand discovery is still happening via social media channels. These channels are where you want to share content that is valuable to your potential customers to help build interest and loyalty. Great quality photos and video of your products or services along with customer testimonials create an opportunity for customers to ask questions and make enquiries through these social channels first.

If you have products for sale, you can also connect your social media channels to your online shop. It’s also quite easy to leave a link in a social media post that goes straight to a product or the checkout page to expedite the sale already considered by the customer’s interest on social media. You can also connect with partner brands online to offer special promotions or competitions that build your brand exposure to drive more sales.

Keep it simple

Customers choose ecommerce because it saves them time and effort. Maximising the efficiency of your sales process by making it as simple as possible gives the customer the easy sales journey they desire. Go through your website and examine your pages, tabs, product descriptions and see for yourself that it’s an easy site to navigate.

Instead of a multi-page checkout process, get it down to just one or two pages. Have a guest checkout option so shoppers can skip filling out lengthy forms. Make sure the buttons on your buttons can be understood by anyone and stick to simple language, for example, have a shopping cart icon and use words like “Buy” or “Add to cart”. Keep the text in your sales and checkout process clear and concise. If your product or service has a bigger than average price tag, consider including an option with payment terms from a trusted service provider. Your checkout process should also allow customers to add to their cart while they’re checking out - can’t say no to more products and a bigger sale amount.

Bonus hack: Don’t miss out on mobile

Check that your ecommerce platform has responsive design. Purchases and checkout should be just as easy to navigate if the site is viewed on a smartphone as when shoppers access the site on a desktop computer.

From these ideas, choose what is most relevant for your business and give them a go. Review your strategy and analytics regularly to ensure your existing customers keep returning and new customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

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